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Autor:  Anubis85 [ 28 kvě 2019 11:34 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  Eurowings

Eurowings škrtá bezplatné občestvenie pre vyšší tarif "Smart", pridáva priority boarding:

As of June 4, Eurowings offers a revised SMART fare* for short- & medium-haul flights in which we have redesigned individual service components based on feedback from our guests: While a fast boarding process and carry-on luggage is important to our guests, not all of our guests appreciated the snack as part of the SMART fare.

Thanks to the newly introduced boarding concept, the division into two groups (Priority / Basic) will accelerate the boarding process. In the future, SMART guests and status customers will take part in our Priority Boarding. They will board the aircraft as part of the first boarding group and can already make themselves comfortable on board before the second group starts boarding. SMART guests who arrive at the gate after the start of Basic Boarding can also board quickly via the separate lane for Priority Boarding. In addition to the boarding process, for SMART passengers as members of the first boarding group, it is ensured that their hand luggage will be transported in the cabin and will not be subsequently loaded, even on fully booked flights.

The services listed for the SMART fare will replace the existing combination of snacks and drinks. When it comes to catering on board, guests with SMART fare will be able to choose from the wide range of drinks and snacks available in the on-board shop and put together their favorites according to their individual preferences at a reasonable price. SMART guests will still be able to check in a piece of luggage weighing up to 23 kg and to reserve a preferred seat free of charge.

Guests who booked their SMART fare flight before June 4 will continue to receive a snack and drink on board. You will also benefit from priority boarding and carry-on baggage allowance in the cabin.

Important note on the new boarding concept with prioritized boarding and cabin transport of hand luggage for SMART guests: The concept will be introduced in Cologne, Vienna, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Palma de Mallorca, Munich, Dusseldorf and Dortmund by June. By Se‍ptember, it will be extended to all Eurowings flights. In individual cases, the cabin crew may subsequently load hand luggage of SMART guests that cannot be stowed in accordance with safety regulations.

Autor:  mandrinka [ 28 kvě 2019 12:32 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  Re: Eurowings

By mě zajímalo, kdo byli ti customers, kterých se dotazovali, zda jsou pro to, vzdát se občerstvení na palubě zdarma. Asi někdo z marketingu a optimalizace nákladů Lufthansy.

Autor:  Anubis85 [ 28 kvě 2019 15:46 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  Re: Eurowings

To sú len tradičné PR kecy, v ktorých sa snažia obkecať, prečo zhoršujú kvalitu služieb :D

Autor:  k.m cb [ 28 kvě 2019 17:47 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  Re: Eurowings

Na druhou stranu tu ochuzenou minibagetku na dvě kousnutí co jsem dostal z Berlína na Tenerife bez pláče oželím .. to se snad ani jako občerstvení brát nedalo ..

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